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Slowing Down, Growing Up

Inspired by the way our children admire and observe the world around them. Fascination and awe have not been lost on them, nor should it be on us.  Driven to honor and protect the world we are leaving for all of us, we are committed to sustainable growing practices.  Lastly, this world is busy and chaotic and in the midst of the never ending change, we want to slow down, be intentional, cultivate community, celebrate simple joys, and grow a beautiful life, expressed and shared by gorgeous flowers.  Our babies aren't children forever and this life is only ours for a short time. We want to celebrate it with you! 

Get to Know Us



Manager Extraordinaire

Besides taking care of all behind the scenes tasks, Sara is the perfect blend of patience and persistence for a small family business. She is excited to share our story and wrangles our "helpers" with grace.  



Gardening & Designer

Growing up in Northern Vermont where farming, 4-H and gardening were part of daily life, Emily cherishes a chance to play in the dirt and create and share little glimpses of beauty. In the chaos of life, growing flowers provides sanity...just a little. 

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